The Gin Craze: “Gin Palaces for the People”

Experience the captivating tale of London’s historic gin culture on our immersive gin tour through the Eyes of Catticus (Tom Cat). Delve into the city’s heart, exploring its hidden backstreets, enchanting alleyways, and majestic thoroughfares while uncovering the fascinating story of gin’s enduring relationship with the British people. Quench your thirst for knowledge as we trace gin’s origins, navigate the three Gin Crazes, and arrive at the present day. Prepare for laughter, tears, and a few spine-tingling moments, but hopefully, no stumbling! Conclude your adventure with a visit to a prestigious gin distillery, where you’ll gain insights into their award-winning distillation techniques. To top it off, our expert London Distillery Guide will lead you through a delightful 4-flight gin tasting, sharing their extensive gin-formation. Join us for an unforgettable journey into London’s gin-soaked past and present.

Departing POINT

The Blackfriars Inn – 174 Queen Victoria St, Greater, London EC4V 4EG.



Everyday starting 15th April 2023

approx. duration

Approximately 3 hours


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Gin, or ‘Mother’s Ruin’ has long been the preferred tipple of the capital since the early 1700’s but it’s story starts much, much early. Let your specialist Tom Cat-guide share his expert knowledge and relationship with gin as he shows you some of the finest examples of Victorian Gin palaces to survive the Blitz and 1960’s property developers.

There were 7,000 ‘dram shops’ in London in 1750 and you could buy it from cats! There are not so many today…but the quality is better! This isn’t the first Gin craze seen in this town but thankfully this time no one is going to the gallows or having to take their medicine. There are micro-distilleries opening up everywhere. We will highlight some of the best original ‘Palaces’ and then you will have the chance to create your own unique blend!

Experience the rich history of gin, known as ‘Mother’s Ruin,’ in the heart of the capital since the early 1700s. Delve into its fascinating origins with our expert audio guide, who will take you on a journey through time, showcasing the enduring Victorian Gin palaces that survived the Blitz and 1960s property developers. In 1750, London boasted a staggering 7,000 ‘dram shops,’ where gin could even be purchased from cats! While the number of such establishments has diminished, the quality has skyrocketed.

Today, micro-distilleries are sprouting up everywhere, offering a new era of gin craftsmanship. We’ll highlight the finest original ‘Palaces,’ and best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to craft your very own unique blend. Immerse yourself in gin’s captivating legacy !



1. The Blackfriars Inn – Pre-recorded audio (20 min)

2. The Viaduct Tavern – Pre-recorded audio (20 min)

3. Ye Old Cheshire Cheese – Pre-recorded audio (20 min) 

4. The Punch Tavern – Pre-recorded audio (20 min)

5. City of London Gin Distillery – Distillery Tour Gin Tasting (2 hours) A guided tour of the distillery to discover the history of gin in London and learn about our gin making techniques.

The tour includes a Gin & Tonic on arrival followed by a 4-flight gin tasting. This gin experience takes approximately 1 hour. Welcome and meeting the guide, you’ll keep hearing the fascinating story of gin in London; from the Gin Craze forwards to the current day.

Then we’ll explain the processes and techniques we use to distil London City distillery`s award-winning gins, finally, your guide will take you through a 4-flight gin tasting – with more expert gin-formation.

**Venues may be altered to due to circumstances outside of our control


  • Expert Guided walk pre-recorded audio tour of 3 incredible Gin Palaces and the story behind the “famous Public House”
  • Pre-recorded audio tour created by a London venue-to-venue talk by London Historian
  • A guided visit to the City of London Gin Distillery and a Gin at their amazing cocktail bar
  • Finally, The London Distillery Expert will take you through a 4-flight gin tasting – with more expert gin-formation


    • Drinks at the pre-recorded audio venues




    The Blackfriars Inn – 174 Queen Victoria St, Greater, London EC4V 4EG.


    Blackfriars Railway Station. Temple or Mansion House Underground Stations.

    UNDERGROUNDCircle Line

    UNDERGROUNDDistrict Line



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