Live a day in the life of the most famous spy in the world…James Bond. Sip Vodka Martinis, perfect your weapon handling skills and walk in the footsteps of his creator. Who knows, you may even get your own ‘00’ Licence!

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Start your day with a sparkling light brunch at the Civil Service Club on Great Scotland Yard accompanied with a mimosa or glass of bubbly. Then, after an action-packed afternoon, relax and take in the atmosphere in true 007 style with a Vodka Martini – you’ve earned it!

Remember Bond always starts with a drink and ends with a Martini. Soft drinks & Mocktinis (Mocktails Martinis) are available for those who prefer non-alcoholic Martinis.

Now, listen very carefully 00…

• Rendezvous at Whitehall, the seat of Government – keep your wits about you 00…you never know who’s watching!
• Mission Briefing – to be an agent – you have to know about the past, so, pay attention
• Rendezvous with a ‘safe’ vehicle – and proceed to meet ‘Q’ for your target practice!
• See where Ian Fleming was born – he’s some writer ‘Johnny’!
• Take note 00! There has been a fiendish incident! The Russian secret service has been active here. The Cold War has just got hot!
• Smarten up 00! Go to Floris in Jermyn Street and get your sample …learn the famous No 89 scent perfume story whilst you are there!
• Fun’s over 00 – head down and see where our ‘friends across the water’ – MI5 live
• Next, it’s home territory…Babylon, VX, The Citadel…the home of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).
• With your team, make your way to St James’s Park.
• Stay on your toes! A deadly and ruthless SMERSH team could be on your tail.
• Escape the park…proceed to Pall Mall
• Make your way, as covertly as you can, to Queen Anne’s Gate – pay special attention to C’s office!
• Mission Debrief. Return to St Ermin’s Hotel St. James’s!
• Relax 00 – you’ve earned it! Try a Vespa…shaken, not stirred!